Hello from Sydney, and thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

This blog is about how you can improve your chess, but will also connect this to happenings such as the tournament results of myself and my students, and local and international chess news. 

If there is a certain topic you'll like me to blog post, please leave your suggestion in the comments below and I'll keep it in mind. Feel free to share my website with your friends as well. 

If you've read the rest of my website you'll know just how passionate and committed I am to helping other chess players improve. 

I will make one suggestion in this blog post though: if you already have another chess coach and you don't have a solid connection with them, or they aren't giving you enough individual attention, then I recommend switching to another coach - you deserve someone who you get along with, who listens to you and who knows what you need to improve. 

I have a loyal clientele because I have a good connection with my students, understand them and their needs, and give them good advice, material and support outside of lessons. If you want to enjoy that as well, go to the 'Contact Me' page and I'll indicate what else I can offer for you. 

Max Illingworth, IM and FIDE Trainer



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