Hello everyone,

Here's a brief blog post about next year's Australian Chess Championship in Melbourne! Enjoy the following video from the organisers, Melbourne Chess Club. 
I've participated in a number of Melbourne Chess Club events, and my most pleasant memories relating to MCC are winning the 2012 MCC Cup Weekender with 8.5/9 and the 2014 MCC Hjorth Open (in memory of Australian IM Greg Hjorth) with 9/9. I'll be the defending champion in the 2016 Australian Championship, having won the title in the 2014 event in Springvale (which was organised by Noble Park Chess Club). I hope that I can play my best chess!

On an unrelated note, I'll be playing the FIDE Chess World Cup in Baku in a couple of weeks. My first round opponent is the Indian GM Penteala Harikrishna. Wish me luck!